What kind of digital textile printing does Decor Print use? 

Using the latest print technology, we reproduce your exclusive designs direct to fabric using our pigment printing technology or on transfer paper for the home furnishings market. We can print or transfer your finished designs to the substrate you choose.

What are the advantages of digital textile printing?

The primary advantages of digital textile printing are the frequency in which new designs can be made available for purchase and the variety of designs available for sale.  Traditional fabric companies print fabric in Korea or China using standard silk screen processes.  This means that by the time they get the designs from their designers, burn the silk screens, test the ink and print process, create samples, run full production quantities, and ship the finished goods to the United States, six months to a year has passed.  This is a long time; especially when color and design trends change so quickly.  They also have to print thousands of yards of each design to make the process economical.  Décor Print use digital textile printers to offer printing on-demand, meaning we only print what is ordered. This process allows you to always be on-trend and offer a greater variety of patterns and colors.

What are the advantages of dye-sublimation printing?

Images are permanent and do not peel or fade. The dye does not build up on the fabric, and colors can be extraordinarily brilliant due to the bonding of the dye to the transparent fibers of the synthetic fabric. Truly continuous tones can be achieved that are equivalent to photographs, without the use special techniques such as half-screen printing. The image can be printed all over the entire item, with no difficulty in printing all the way to the edges.

Does Decor Print offer spot color matching services for color separated files?

Yes! Décor Print’s specialty as a boutique printing service is color, and color is everything! A fabric proof of the printed design is sent to each customer for approval to run yardage. In order to match your spot colors or tonal images, we just need a physical color reference.  We also offer full-spectrum color catalogs printed on the fabric of your choice that can be used to specify the print colors in your design.

What type of fabric does Decor Print use?

We have a large variety of fabric to print your fun, fantastic designs onto including the below. Please call us to discuss your fabric needs.

Natural Fibers:  Heavy Linen, Linen/Cotton, Cotton Twill, Cotton Canvas, Cotton Broadcloth, Cotton Sateen, Cotton Lawn/voile, Silk Charmeuse, Silk Dupioni, Cotton Corduroy, Cotton Flannel, Cotton Knit.

Synthetics: Polyester Microfiber, Poly Silk Charmeuse, Poly Satin, Poly Micro Velvet, Poly Twill, Poly Linen, Poly Upholstery

What are your minimums?

3 yards.

How long will it take to get my order?    

Decor Print’s typical turnaround is within 2 weeks

Do you work with artists to create private labels?

Yes. Consult with us to design swatches and create a private-label sampling program that features your branding, maximizes the fabric print area, and is finished by our workroom to your specifications.

What are the washing instructions for Decor Print fabric?

We recommend Professional Dry Cleaning.: ask your dry cleaner to use a hydrocarbon solvent only, which is gentler than perc.)

For stain removal, we recommend taking to a professional dry cleaner because - as with any printed fabric - scrubbing can cause fading.  Some polyesters can stand up the heat of the sun and weather for a couple of seasons.

Iron as needed to remove any wrinkles.

Will Decor Print fabrics stand the test of time?  

All fabrics printed are permanent but we recommend Professional Dry Cleaning.

Are your fabrics FR rated? 

None of our grounds are inherently flame-retardant. However, some may be coated after printing. We are happy to ship rolled goods to a finishing plant for coating application.

Is Decor Print eco-friendly?

Digital fabric printing saves water and the environment. Custom Digital Fabric Printing is more environmentally friendly than other traditional screen-printing methods because you are printing the exact amount needed of inks/dyes directly onto the fabric through the direction of your RIP/printer settings. There is minimal to no waste cleanup. It is printing every drop on demand from the exact amount of yardage and coverage needed.

Will Decor Print create designs for me?

We are strictly your printing partner; we recommend Trellis Studio for fabulous design work.