Decor Print offers on-demand, custom wide-format digital printing on most fabric substrates, including woven fabrics, cottons, knits, natural blends, silks, polyester, nylon, ultra-suede.

We take pride in our perfect color matching. Send us your paint chips, pantone colors, or other colors to match, and we will match it to perfection.

Digital fabric printing services we provide:

  • Correction and fixing of design repeats
  • Superior color matching and alternate colorways of your design
  • Sample printing
  • Short run printing
  • Production and long run printing
  • Engineered prints - also called a placed print because it is integrated into a specific area of the design. (Border prints are often engineered into place.)
  • Photoreal image printing
  • Low minimums

Do you need a custom design made? We recommend Trellis Studio for creation of original custom artwork.

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